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Woman Peeing Behind A Tree

May 16th, 2009

Piss Hunters

This amateur woman thought that by peeing in the woods, she would be out of sight, but there was a piss hunter there and he was watching everything. Check out these photos and watch as this woman empties her bladder. She’s spending the day at the park with her friends. She’s having lots of fun, but there is one problem. There’s no public bathrooms anywhere near by. She’s sneaks off into the woods and when she thinks that she’s all alone, she pulls down her pants and squats down to pee.

Do you have a pissing fetish? Do you like watching women pee? You’re going to love the Piss Hunters website. The Piss Hunters are a group of voyeur photographers that secretly film women as they pee. We get to watch as they pee out in the forest, as they piss in back alleyways and even sneak into their bathrooms and watch them pee there. They have a huge collection of high power cameras where they can watch from a distance and tiny spy cams that can be hidden just about anywhere.

See more at the Piss Hunters site.

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