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Brunette Teen In A Bikini

May 14th, 2009

Change Room Hunters

Check out these video clips of this teen secretly filmed in the clothing store fitting room. She has no idea that there’s a hidden video camera setup in this room. The other day one of the change room hunters placed this tiny camera. It’s so tiny that the women can’t see it, but it definitely sees everything that they do. We get to watch as this cute teen strips out of her clothes and then tries n different bikinis. I think she looks sexy in both bikinis, but of course I like her better completely naked.

Do you like voyeur movies? This is just one of the many that you can download at the Change Room Hunters website. They have hundreds of hours of movies like this one. They have videos from clothing store fitting rooms like this one, videos from locker rooms and public gyms and swimming pools and other videos from other public places where women change. You have to come see what goes on behind closed doors.

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