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Teens Trying On Lingerie

April 3rd, 2009

Change Room Hunters

Check out these video clips from the fitting room at this lingerie store. We get to watch as these two teens strip out of their clothes and try on new bras and panties. I can’t help but noticing how good the brunette looks with or without a bra on. She has an amazing pair of tits. These teens have no idea that they’re being filmed. The hidden camera is so small that they don’t even notice it, but it’s able to take some very amazing photos.

Download the complete video at the Change Room Hunters site. They’ve set up hidden cameras in clothing store fitting rooms, locker rooms at gyms and other places where women change in public. The result is hours and hours of steamy voyeur videos for you to enjoy. You can download them all and watch them anytime you want on your computer. You won’t believe how naughty these amateur women get until you see it for yourself.

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