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Amateurs Secretly Filmed Peeing

March 31st, 2009

Piss Hunters

It looks like the Piss Hunter was very busy this weekend. Check out these video clips and check out the women that he caught on film. First off was this blonde teen, she found what she thought was a safe spot, where no one would see her pee, but she was right in the line of view for this Piss Hunter. He caught everything on film as she empties out her bladder and lets the urine flow out. Then later on, the Piss Hunter moved out into the woods, that’s where secretly filmed these two women. They’re spending the day at the park, but with no public bathroom, they head into the woods to release their pee. That’s when the Piss Hunter catches them.

Want to see more? Download the complete videos at the Piss Hunters website today. There’s hours and hours of sexy videos featuring real amateurs caught on film peeing. Watch as they pee in alleys, see them pee in public, even go behind the scenes and watch as they use their own bathrooms. None of them have any idea that they’re being watched and video taped. The Piss Hunters use high power lens to record all of the action and have many hidden spy cameras.

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