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Xmas Time with all of these Girlfriends!

March 23rd, 2009

Dear Santa…

I’ve been a very good boy…I’ve not lied to my girlfriend and I’ve always helped her to get an orgasm. And I always said “please…please…swallow it!”, and so I deserve lots of blowjobs and cumshots next year.

Please bring all this stuff for me and the people in my life: for the girl next door please bring a huge dildo and some vaseline. For my girlfriend please bring red lingerie, for the girl in the coffee shopp, please bring me her phone number. Oh, and for me! please bring me this ass:

Anyway, I hope you like the cognac I left for you.



Ps: please say hi to Mrs. Claus (is she hot as allways?). Oh yeah, and remember Paul? He has been a really dork all year long and doesn’t deserve any Christmas presents. So please don’t forget to put dog shit in their stockings. And no real amateur girlfriends pics for him. Oh yeah, I rules :)

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