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Teen Trying On Lingerie

March 20th, 2009

Change Room Hunters

Check out these video clips of an amateur babe in the fitting room at a lingerie store. She’s trying on a number of different panties and bras. That alone is hot enough for me, but even better is that we get to see her completely naked as she changes between outfits. She has a pair of perky boobs that I would love to play with. Then there’s her cute ass which looks good with panties on or off. Of course, I can’t help but starring at her tender looking pussy when she’s not wearing any panties. It looks like she needs some special attention there from the nearest mouth.

See the complete video at the Change Room Hunters website. There you can watch or download this video and hundreds of others. These voyeur enthusiasts have setup spy cameras in fitting rooms at clothing stores, locker rooms at gyms and even in bathrooms. You won’t believe what these video cameras catch on film. We get a very intimate look at these amateur babes when they think no one is watching!

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