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Amateur Woman Filmed In The Woods

March 20th, 2009

Piss Hunters

It looks like the Piss Hunter was at it again! He was back in the woods, hiding in the bushes near the spot that women often use as their public bathroom. Almost without fail, he’s able to video tape women peeing there. Check out these video clips of this very naughty amateur that was caught peeing in the woods today. She has no idea that she’s being filmed. She looks around, but she doesn’t see the Piss Hunter or anyone in sight anywhere. She squats down and soon he’s filming her as she pees. She takes a long piss, looks around again then stands up and pulls up her jeans.

You can see the complete video inside the Piss Hunters website. There you can download this video and hours of other voyeur videos featuring real amateur women pissing. Of course, if pictures are your thing, they have thousands of photos to check out too. I have a feeling that if you have a pissing fetish, you’re going to love this site. What I really like about the site is that it features only real amateurs, real women that have no idea that they’re being filmed.

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