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Hidden pissing videos

February 24th, 2009

Piss Hunters

It looks like the Piss Hunter has struck again! This time he didn’t just catch one woman on film, he caught two naughty amateurs. Take a look at these steamy video clips of two women peeing outdoors. The Piss Hunter is setu a few stories up in a near by building and has a perfect view of this alley, a place where women often pee. They don’t even see him as he video tapes their naughty deed from above. However, with his high power lens, we’re able to get an up close view as they empty out their bladders.

There’s only one place to see more. Click here to visit the Piss Hunters website. There you can see all of the voyeur pissing movies. Women have been caught on film pissing in back alleys, in abandoned buildings, even outdoors and in public. Anywhere women pee, there’s a chance that a Piss Hunter could be watching. There’s hours of steamy videos that you don’t want to miss. It’s almost guaranteed that these videos will leave you satisfied.

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