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Amateur Women In The Locker Room

February 7th, 2009

Change Room Hunters

Take a look at these hidden camera photos of an amateur woman changing in this locker room. She has no idea that she’s being watched as she changes out of her clothes and puts on her swim suit. The other night, one of the change room hunters snuck into this locker room at the local pool and setup this tiny spy camera. Now we get to go behind closed doors and see what happens as these women change. We get a great look at her all natural body. She’s a real amateur, she could be your next door neighbor or the woman that works in your office.

You can see more of this woman at Change Room Hunters. She just one of the many women that have been caught on film by the change room hunters. They have cameras set up in a number of different locker rooms, even at fitting rooms in clothing stores and just about anywhere else where women change in public. You won’t believe all of the action that these camera’s record until you see it for yourself.

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